Our Winery

Celler Cesca Vicent is a small family-run winery founded in the turn of the century, in 2000, located in the village of Gratallops. Today it produces organic wines under the Priorat DOQ wine appellation.

Cesca’s illusion to take care of the vineyard and produce wine was not born out of nowhere, it was part of the legacy of his father, Cecilio Vicent. Cecílio made his way to Gratallops during the Spanish Civil War, where he met Francisca Robert whom he married. At home they had many estates that had been in the family for generations. In those days the land was worked by day laborers and with the years the vineyards had been slowly degrading. Cecilio decided to recover all the lost estates and plant those lands that were not planted.

Cecílio was a member of the Gratallops Wine Cooperative but the rules of the cooperative did not allow him to send wine to his hometown, Vilavella (Castellò). He studied oenology and the year Cesca was born, in 1942, he left the cooperative to set up his small winery. Making his own wine allowed him to sell it to the people at his hometown and also to all those clients who passed through his cellar.

In the 1980’s, Cesca inherited part of the family’s land: Mas d’en Corral. Having spent much of her childhood there, Cesca envisioned recovering her connection to this area and was motivated to put the land to use. With the encouragement of her husband Luis, she purchased some adjacent plots and plante vines across the now combined estate. These bloomed into a single estate that currently has about 11 ha of planted vineyard.

The winery was build in the year 2000 directly behind the family home in Gratallops.

Local winemaker Emili Esteve was the first to oversee the vinification. Years later another local winemaker, Roser Amorós, joined the winery. Roser today also supervises the quality control. This essential process assures we only use the best grapes to produce an excellent wine. It also ensures our entire winemaking complies with the criteria of organic production from harvest to bottling.