The Terroir

The vineyards spread across sunny hills and mountainsides with steep slopes and narrow terraces. Mostly with a south-east orientation, it is contained by the Montsant river below and forested areas that foster the local flora and fauna in order to maintain the environmental balance. 

Vinyes Celler Cesca VIcent Vins DOQ Priorat Gratallops

The property’s greatest strongpoint is the diversity of the soil (licorella, quartz, gravel, granite, pebbles…) and the microclimates that differentiate the product. The combination of these soils, the geological characteristics of the estate and a low rainfall produces crops of the highest quality.

Canopy management is based on Royat wire training with spacings of 2,50 m between rows and 1,10 m between vines. Every “terroir” has distinct characteristics and each grape variety expresses itself in a unique way depending on what its roots have encountered. These divergent “experiences” found in each terroir characterize the wines, giving each its own personality.

The philosophy has been to maintain part of the production using the typical varieties of the DOQ Priorat: Garnacha and Carignan along with varieties that have a long tradition in France and have proven to adapt well in the DOQ Priorat, such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. We also have a small production of white Grenache and Macabeu.

The grapes grow under a benevolent Mediterranean climate with over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and an annual rainfall below 500 mm. The summers are usually dry; this is a characteristic of the Priorat. For this reason, the estate is equipped with a water reservoir. The water is available for occasional drip irrigation, above all during the most important phases of the vegetation process.

The Priorat region suffers great change of temperature between day and night. As a result, the grapes ripen slowly, concentrating the aromas and sugars in the berries and creating highly complex wines.

All wines we create come from grapes exclusively from our estate, having been subject to our strict quality control. In order to obtain the maximum potential of the grape, harvest is done at the right moment controlling the ripeness and tasting the berries according to variety, vineyard and style of wine desired to be produced. Harvest is carried out manually and collected in boxes of 20 kg.

We cultivate the vineyard organically and are environmentally responsible. Our philosophy is to take the best possible care of the land and ecosystem that gives us great grape to produce sensational wines. The vineyard’s and the wine production is certified organic by CCPAE.

The winemaking process involves a long, controlled fermentation, a thorough maceration and at least a year in oak, leading to rich, full-bodied, persistent wines.